IMVU Hack – Free IMVU Credits – IMVU Credits Hack! Video Tutorial

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IMVU Hack – Free IMVU Credits – IMVU Credits Hack! Video Tutorial
How to Get Imvu Credits – Video Tutorial !!!!

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How to hack/get someones password on a Computer (tutorial)

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***Check out new WINDOWS 10 Version:***


1)Click on Start
2) Type “Run” and open it
3) Write cmd in the box
4)Type “net user”
5)Type “net user “an-username” *
example: net user kyle *
6)type in the new password and click enter
7)type in the new password again and hit enter, & there you go 🙂

Have Fun ;D

*** REMEBER***

This is video is for

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[Android Tutorial] 100K IMVU CREDITS TUTORIAL [PROOF] September 2017

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Hey guys today something you wouldn’t expect: 100K imvu credits in less than 3 mins! Just use your mobile phone anywhere, also remember to provide valid character coz amount of credits is limited! (100K IMVU Credits Hack & Tutorial)

I’m using this site:

Here is a description from them:

The reason why people are looking for some facilitations in the form of hacks, cheats, Imvu Generator devices, or simply tips or tricks to boost the income of credits is very simple. In here, we take the role of a virtual character, whose avatar is created by ourselves. Thanks to that, we can take control of our own person set in the virtual reality. People downloaded the game more than 5 million times, proving it is widely popular all around the globe. What’s more, thanks to very well-designed interface and the whole mechanics that suit for the most demanding players, the game has received very positive feedback and opinions. In addition, its assessments are higher than average, since we can see 4.1 on the Google Play store, whereas we can see that the users from iTunes rated the game on 4 stars.

The base thing we do in here is we live, just like in real life. Of course the game lets us become whoever we want, without any limitations. However, in order to achieve greatness, we cannot simply create ourselves in such way. We need to work hard, just like in real life to earn more credits and spend them to improve our avatar by simply purchasing better and nicer clothes. Another great way of becoming popular is by simply meeting new people, finding new friends, and celebrating events with them. We can even get married and become newlyweds – it is always a great way to promote ourselves!

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By Matheus

➢ há dois Métodos

● 1° Métodos

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● 2° Métodos

✖ Download Do Arquivo ✖


● Senha: 123
● Password: 123

Venda De créditos imvu e outros Games


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Email: [email protected]
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Me Adicione No imvu : KaMiiKaZe

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How To Hack Imvu – Get Credits IOS/Android Tutorial

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How To Hack Imvu - Get Credits IOS/Android Tutorial

Imvu Hack – Imvu Hack Android/IOS Tutorial

In this video,I’ll show you how to get infinite credits in Imvu.
This hack is not available for download,it can be only used online.
You can hack both IOS and Android platforms.

Please do not use it too often.Since this is still in a test stage.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this IMVU hack tutorial, and I am very much looking forward to bringing more cheats, glitches into future videos.

Stay tuned!
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Music in the video:
Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]

Website for Imvu Hack

If u want to hack this game ? Send me a gift !!
My Instagram @ariana.lahf
My username ? Send me direct message then I will give u there my username !
Send me a gift = I will hack for u ❤️
#imvu #imvuhack #imvu🆒 #imvumodel #imvufashion
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Segundo Tutorial de como juntar creditos REALES [IMVU 2016]

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Este tutorial esta dedicado especialmente para Yeffersson Tc que no le salían las ofertas de videos que mostré en mi anterior tutorial de como obtener créditos reales.
Les cuento en general, que descubrí que a mi tampoco me funciono muy bien, así que me puse a buscar otra manera y la encontré.
Es largo el tutorial, sepan disculpar. No lo edite mucho, tampoco le puse música para que pudieran escuchar con atención como lo iba haciendo.
Les comento que apenas baje el nuevo programa, hice el vídeo, así que verán que me equivoco, que intento, e intento hasta que al final lo logré.
Saben que nada es fácil, ni rápido, así que tengan paciencia, y verán que podrán seguir juntando créditos, con este nuevo VPN.
Sepan disculpar nuevamente mis errores!!
Saben que cualquier duda o si necesitan algún otro tutorial para poder aclarar las dudas, dejen sus comentarios aqui abajo :3

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Gracias por el apoyo y no olviden suscribirse y compartir!! 😀 kiss y ♥ para todos :3
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